How To Increase Your Profit Margins Using LED Signs

I recently had a a prospective client tell me they were already doing as much business as they could handle. They said they didn’t have time for more work. Sounds like a good problem to have right?

Why would this person possibly want a business producing LED Sign  in front of their business bringing in more business when they are already swamped?

In their case the benefit is in changing the type of work they are doing.

Let me explain. This company is an fast lube/mechanic. They are currently doing a lot of engine and transmission rebuilds. I asked them if they had other types of work they would prefer to do, work that was less time consuming with a higher profit margin. They replied that they would prefer to do more, smaller jobs because there is a better margin and less time required.

From there the benefit for them became obvious to me (and probably you the reader as well). They could advertise their higher margin, less time consuming jobs on their LED Signs. That would drive in business for those jobs they would prefer to be doing. Suddenly they would find themselves in a position where they are making just as much or more money but they are working a lot less to make the money! Now that is a situation I would like to be in!

LED Signs allow you to ‘push’ the products and services you want. Using LED Signs you can increase your sales of your higher profit margin products and/or services.

Here is what I recommend you do:

  • Look at all of your offerings
  • Figure out which ones give you the best return/margin
  • Figure out which types of services or products you would PREFER to sell
  • Advertise those products and/or services on your LED Signs

If you do that you start finding yourself with the problem of having to much time and money!

For more information on LED Signs, visit my commercial site


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