Resources For People Interested In LED Signs

I have had a few questions from people looking for information specific to their industry so I decided that instead of reinventing the wheel I will just point you to a few resources:

Let me add a few words about who is a good candidate for LED Signs. If your business is of interest to the general public, you might be a good candidate. If you have a store which sells collector stamps, or a shop that only deals with pre 1959 hot rods and accessories, or any other business that is not of interest to the general public, you probably are not a good candidate.

LED Signs work on a simple premise: They Get Your Message Out To The Thousands Of Cars On The Street.  If you sell goods or services which are on interest to a decent percentage of the people in those cars you will have a large enough target audience for the LED Signs to be effective.  If your goods or services are of interest to only 1% of the traffic, you probably do not have a large enough audience for the LED Signs to work their magic.

There are exceptions of course. If you operate on large margins or high ticket prices and one sale represents hundreds or thousands of dollars in profit, it might be worth it to spend the money to get those extra 20-30 sales per year. Manufactured housing lots are a great example of this. Not everyone is looking to buy or build a home but if they can attract just one extra sale per month, they will have paid for the monthly costs of their LED Signs and be making additional profits.

When you are trying to decide if it makes sense to invest in LED Signs ask yourself “What percentage of the traffic wants or needs what I have?” Then you will have a starting point to do the math. Let’s say there are 5000 cars passing you business everyday, if your goods are of interest to 25% of the population, there will be 1250 prospects driving by everyday. If 10% of them read your LED Signs and just 10% of those people pull in, that means there will be an additional 13 people coming into your store every day. If you have an average of $5 in profit per transaction that means you will be making an additional $65 per day or about $2,000 per month. That is the math for a business with a fairly low appeal to the general public. Imagine if that were a business like a quick lube where every single car was a prospect!

If you are looking for specifics on how LED Signs can be used most effectively in your industry, I would recommend calling 877-287-9180 to talk to one of the LED Sign experts at my company. We work with each client to teach them the basic of effective LED Sign usage (the stuff that applies to everyone) and we work with them on specifics for their business.

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